Within the Department of Evangelization, the Superintendent and the Office of Catholic Education staff are charged with the responsibility to oversee the operation of all educational institutions of the Diocese of Jackson which consists of three early childhood learning centers, twelve elementary schools, and four secondary schools.  The goal is to assist each school and center to achieve its mission and purpose by planning, coordinating, and guiding it in the areas of school personnel, curriculum, and administration.

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The mission of the Diocese of Jackson- Office of Catholic Education is to foster centers of learning that are rooted in Gospel values and Catholic teachings as we pursue academic excellence in a safe and caring environment.


Utilizing technology to collaborate and communicate clearly and consistently and reflective practice to guide future goals, we will enable students to become more service oriented, more globally aware through technological connections, and more academically prepared for a constantly changing world.

Our vision will be accomplished by:

  • Providing opportunities for all students to model Gospel teachings
  • Utilizing data-driven decision making and alignment of curriculum, standards, etc. to meet the individual needs of students
  • Engaging in current methodology regarding the teaching and learning process to provide a transformative education


  • Embody and model Gospel values- respect, love, dignity, truth, mercy, forgiveness, morality
  • Quality education with academic success
  • Christ-centered service to the community


As servants of God we are called to be a community of faith!

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