“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character- that is the goal of true education.”-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Catholic Diocese of Jackson’s Partners in Education Program (PIE) is designed to serve as a bank of resources to help our students – from our early learning centers to seniors in high school- make real-world connections from the content they are learning to the real-world around them. We recognize that each student brings unique gifts and talents to our world, and it is our job to help them recognize those talents and then understand how to put those gifts and talents into action in order to serve others.

By working with our Partners in Education we hope to deepen academic understanding of skills and concepts while also continuing to foster social-emotional skills to help them smoothly transition into the next phase of their educational or professional journeys. By working with leaders and businesses in the professional world, as well as professionals in higher education, we strive to provide our students with every opportunity possible to reach their full potential and make the greatest impact possible on the world around them.

Who are our Partners in Education?

Our Partners in Education Roster includes a variety of groups and individuals who support the mission of our Office of Education to fully prepare the whole child as they transition from one phase of education to the next. Our Partners include individual professionals in STEM-related career fields, corporations and businesses who are supporters of STEM education and college-and-career-readiness, and offices or organizations at Institutions of Higher Education who are able to help us determine what our students need the most to be successful as they transition out of high school and into “the real world.”

What do Partners in Education do for our students?

Our Partners in Education Program was designed to serve as a bank of resources to help our students make real-world connections. Our PIEs provide a variety of services to our students ranging from presentations or workshops on particular topics, hosting field trips for students, serving as professional mentors to students in a specific field, or visiting our schools to listen to our students present on a topic related to their field of expertise.

What do we do for our Partners in Education?

We strongly believe that a true partnership is a relationship that is beneficial for both parties involved. We strive to support our PIEs as much as possible by including their logo and links to their websites on our Office of Education Partners in Education Webpage, including their names in communications to parents and potential students, and inviting partners in to speak to parents and students to encourage recruitment for college and businesses with which we work. The specific agreements between our office and PIEs are done on an individual basis to ensure that we are using everyone’s times, talents, and treasures in the most productive way possible.

Is there a financial commitment required to be a Partner in Education?

No. While financial support for our schools is always appreciated, we do not require any type of financial commitment to be a Partner in Education. The agreements made between our office and our Partners in Education are done on an individual basis based on the needs of our students and the resources and guidance each PIE is willing to provide.

How do I become a partner in Education?

It’s easy! Simply email Stephanie Brown in the Office of Education at stephanie.brown@jacksondiocese.org to discuss this exciting opportunity.

Current Partners in Education: 

The University of Memphis, Office of Undergraduate Admission & Orientation

The University of Mississippi, Center for Student Success And First-Year Experience

The STEM Institute 

Geneva Torrence, MLA, ACC